The Global Pandemic - What Could Happen Next and How to Prepare with Rob McNealy

Author: coruscate

Description: In light of recent global events, I thought it could be helpful to bring someone onto my show who can not only chat through potential scenarios of what could happen next from both an economic and supply chain perspective - but also give people tips on what they can do now to best prepare.

Is it too late to be prepared for this global pandemic? In some ways, if you are just starting to think about this… then it may be. But there are still things people can be doing now to help prepare for what’s next.

We are in unprecedented times and it’s caught a lot of people with their pants down. I hope that you will find this video helpful and maybe even encouraging. We dig into a bit more of the “doom and gloom” of what an economic collapse could actually look like, but we also talk about the power of mindset and give some actionable items of what people can do today to help be better prepared.

We also chat in great length about the supply chain and some of the potential issues that have not yet surfaced in mainstream attention but could have a massive impact of the availability of goods and the global economy. Even though China is starting to come back online, it is still a long way from being back at full capacity. This matters because the amount of goods/parts that come from China is absolutely mind-boggling. It’s not just finished goods either - the amount of parts and components that come out of China is extreme. For example - in this video, we talk about pharmaceuticals. Even if some of the components for certain drugs are sourced in other countries - if half of the parts come from China… then they won’t be able to deliver that drug to market.

Another part of the supply chain that we discuss is the difference between commercial and consumer supply chains. Rob discusses toilet paper as an example. We’ve seen consumer demand for toilet paper spike to such an extreme that there have been shortages. Does this mean we are actually out of toilet paper in the United States? No, actually. We are just running low on CONSUMER packaged toilet paper. Commercial toilet paper supplies actually have stockpiles of extra inventory because restaurants and places of business are currently closed - and so the demand for toilet paper is lower. This sounds great, right? Let’s just use some of that toilet paper! Not so fast… that product is not packaged for consumer use. People don’t have large industrial size toilet paper dispensers in their home. Retail stores like Wal Mart, Whole Foods and Costco don’t have vendor relationships with these companies, even if they wanted to start offering industrial products. The large cost to these commercial supply companies to “repackage” commercial items may not be worth it for their business.

This is just a glimpse of what we talked about! It is really a packed conversation where Rob provides tons of facts and data around all of these topics.

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