Miner's Perspective on the Bitcoin Halving

Author: coruscate

Description: With the Bitcoin halving only about 15 days away… everyone is getting excited to see what happens next. Will the increased pressure impact the price? Does the current global pandemic have any impact on the price action following the halving?

We chat about that and much more in this collaborative video. I teamed up with Tech with Catalina to co-interview some of the top names in the mining industry to ask them about the impact the halving will have on the mining community. In this video we chatted with:

- Pavel Moravec of Slush Pool/Brains (twitter - @more_pav)
- Marshall Long of Final Hash (twitter - @ogbtc)
- Alejandro De la Torre of Poolin (twitter - @bitentreprenueur)

We put all of their answers together for each person so you could see their responses back to back and compare notes.

In this video we chat about the following subjects related to the halving:

- What implications will this have on the price of bitcoin and does the global pandemic impact your answer?

- The price predictions for right before and after the halving.

- Their thoughts on whether the halving will cause more centralization in the mining industry.

- The impact of government regulations on the mining community and how they see that changing over the coming years.

- The factors that miners need to adjust after the halving occurs from both a technical and business standpoint.

- Whether the halving will make it easier, or harder for new miners to get into the space.

- What opportunities the halving brings to the mining industry.

- The overall impact the halving will have on the industry - either positive or negative.

This bullet points are just the tip of the iceberg for what was discussed in this video. We may have to have them back individually to really have time to dig into their stories and pick their brains because their answers to these questions were so insightful.

Now let me tell you a little more about my Co-Host for this video - Catalina! She is one of the best known Spanish speaking crypto you tubers and has interviewed many of the top names in the industry - including Andreas Antonopoulos and Pomp. She also teaches blockchain technology at the University of Nicosia - which was the very first university to offer a masters degree in digital currency back in 2014. She is now working on building up her English speaking channel - and so I’d highly recommend you all head on over to check her out! Her socials links are below:

English Channels - Tech with Catalina
Twitter - https://twitter.com/techwithcatalin
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyF0...
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/techwithcat...

Spanish Channels - Tech Con Catalina
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Techconcatalina
Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW6c...
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/techconcata...

We really hope you enjoyed this video! We’d love to hear your thoughts below! What were some of your favorite moments from the video?

Ps… Stay tuned for more fun collaborations between myself and Catalina!

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