Making Bitcoin More Accessible with Daniel Polotsky of CoinFlip ATM

Author: coruscate

Description: Bitcoin ATM’s a great vehicle for not only increasing bitcoin awareness but also making it easy and accessible for people to access - especially for those who have cash and want to use it to purchase bitcoin.

I loved hearing more about his inspiration to start building Bitcoin ATM’s that are both safe/secure and really userfriendly. In this interview, we chat about a variety of things, including:

- How many bitcoin ATM’s they currently have in the United States and what their roadmap is for expansion.

- Which coins the currently supported, and what the process is like to get a new coin listed.

- If they have plans to expand internationally.

- How the global pandemic has affected their business - either positively or negatively.

- Daniel's inspiration for starting the company and how he’s been able to grow the business to now have over 40 team members.

- The positive media coverage CoinFlip ATM has been getting lately - especially a recent Forbes article.

- The inspiration behind the name CoinFlip.

- Security while using the ATM. What exactly happens from a customer standpoint - and what is also happening behind the scenes to make it work.

- How Coinflip is different than other Bitcoin ATM companies.

- Demographic info on who is using Bitcoin ATM’s and why.

This was a great conversation and I loved getting to hang out with Daniel and learn more about everything they are building over at CoinFlip. Be sure to leave a comment below letting me know what you guys think! Out of curiosity, have you guys ever used a Bitcoin ATM before?

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