A Messenger App that Actually Respects your Privacy with Crystal Rose of Sense.Chat

Author: coruscate

Description: I’ve been following Crystal Rose for a long time and so it was great to finally get to meet her! We sat down to discuss Sense.chat - a messaging app that actually protects user privacy, and even allows users to earn crypto for using it.

We discuss a variety of features including their large group chat options, the tokenomics of the SENSE token, how they are incorporating blockchain technology and more.

She even shares her screen and gives us a full demo/tutorial! They are just launching in beta and so if you’d like to get early access - head on over to their website sense.chat.

I’m really excited to join myself and check it all out! They’ve already got some great partners in the crypto space who will be using the platform - including Akon and the Akoin team.

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