Earn Crypto for Writing Reviews - Interview with Adam Barlam of BravoCoin and Rebuzz

Author: coruscate

Description: I’ve been really wanting to bring BravoCoin on my channel for a long time, and I’m stoked to finally have this interview for you! I sat down with Adam Barlam the CTO and Co-Founder of both Bravo and Rebuzz to hear more about what he’s been building in the space.

BravoCoin is a blockchain-based rewards app that pays users for leaving reviews. Think of it as the blockchain version of yelp - except there are no fake reviews and people actually get rewarded for their time and attention.

The recent spike Brave Browser has seen in the last month alone validates the notion that the attention economy is about to become a booming industry.

BravoCoin is actually built on a fork of a Steem blockchain and so those who have used Steem or Hive will have a really easy transition to learning how to navigate BravoCoin. That being said - one of my favorite things that we spoke about in this interview is how “non-blockchain” it feels - meaning that even people who have never used a blockchain application can figure it out pretty intuitively.

Adam even said that about half of their users have never used a blockchain app before - and this is their first time, which I think is pretty cool.

We also discuss a new app he’s built that just launched called Rebuzz. It is also forked from the Steem blockchain and is kind of like Twitter meets Instagram, meets facebook, meets Tiktok. Unlike Steem or Hive that generally promote longer-form content like videos and blog posts - this is more of a quick post and consume platform.

Users can earn “buzz” on the platform for their content. I’ve recently joined and started posting some of my shorter form content on there - and it’s pretty slick! Adam mentioned in the interview that he will eventually build functionality straight into the app where people can swap their buzz for other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin - or even buy gift cards directly with their buzz.

I think this is a component that some alternative platforms could really pay attention to. If we as a community are hoping to attract non-crypto people into the space with some of these consumer-facing dapps - then giving them an easy way to navigate the cryptosphere without having to learn how to use exchanges etc. could be a key component.

I really hope you guys enjoy this packed interview with Adam and be sure to let me know what you think below!

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