The Story Behind the Bitcoin Bagel Guy

Author: coruscate

Description: Hi friends!

Some of you guys may remember a few months ago when @toastedcoins92 literally overnighted me fresh, New York bagels which had my Girl Gone Crypt laser engraved on them. Not only that, but he sent me a pack of shot glasses with the GGC logo as well.

I honestly think that is one of the most creative and nice things anyone has ever done for me. Not to mention the bagels were delicious. Like I’m pretty sure I’m ruined for west coast bagels now.

He is a real OG in the space and so I thought it would be fun to bring him on the show for a casual hangout to eat bagels and hear more about his story. How he found out about bitcoin originally (spoiler alert… it’s hilarious) and how he came known as the bitcoin bagel guy.

This is also his first time ever getting on camera for a crypto video - and so you guys are getting the exclusive scoop on the whole bagel story here. 🙌🏻

I hope you guys enjoy this more laid back chat between friends! No big studio lights, microphones or even makeup. Just a couple people hanging out and chatting about bitcoin and bagels. 🥯

Be sure to follow him on twitter if you aren’t already! You can find him at @toastedcoins92.

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