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Is Cardano A Good Investment Now?

Could this be a great time to enter Cardano? Cardano has actually been range-bound for nearly eleven weeks now, since a huge rise upwards that took ADA from 7 cents to $1.50 throughout the middle of March.

The cryptocurrencies are going through a shift. Bitcoin dominance is falling progressively after a support level at 50% was broken last week. With no more support beyond the low 40% area, it looks most likely supremacy will reach the low 40% level.

As the Bitcoin price has held near 109% over the last 6 weeks, Ethereum is continuing its upward trajectory. Nevertheless, after such a big climb in such a short period of time, Ethereum should anticipate a pull back at some time.

Let's discuss Cardano. When Ethereum runs out of gas, could this be the time for ADA to make a run? Presuming BTC is steady, it's possible that value will move into the next biggest smart agreement blockchain platforms.

Here's a take a look at Cardano, Polkadot, and Solana. DOT is taking on BTC after a recent 28% dip, so this looks promising. That's absolutely nothing next to SOL, the Solana blockchain token.

A big run against BTC saw ADA gain 530% since the start of the year, topping out at the end of February.

A nice retrace has followed up that peak, ADA is now sitting at 2390 satoshi, and wants to continue to rise against BTC.

I think ADA is looking prepared to reverse the pattern. ADA has lost 62% of its value versus ETH in the last 10 weeks. With ETH possibly running out of steam, might it be an asset to convert some ETH into ADA?


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An Insight to Cryptocurrency news

Cryptocurrency, aka crypto, is a digital currency created and managed via the use of advanced encryption technology and a technique called cryptography. Crypto made its leap from being an academic concept to reality with bitcoin creation in the year 2009. However, over time various other crypto tokens were introduced, including Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP Ripple, and more.

However, in subsequent years cryptocurrency has attracted a growing following. Even more, it captured dramatic media and investor attention when, according to bitcoin news when bitcoin peaked at $266/ bitcoin after increasing 10-fold in the proceeding months in April 2013.

Cryptocurrency News: What's the future of crypto?

As per bitcoin news, bitcoin sported a market value of more than $2 billion at its peak. However, shortly thereafter, a 50% plunge sparked a raging debate about the future of cryptocurrency especially, bitcoin.

So, whether a cryptocurrency will be able to supplant conventional currencies eventually and become as ubiquitous as euros or dollars someday? Or cryptocurrency is just a passing phase that is going to flame out over time.

According to the analysts, some big change is coming in crypto when institutional money enters the market. Even more, there is a possibility that crypto might be floated on the Nasdaq. According to crypto news, this will add more credibility to the blockchain. And it may be started to use as an effective alternative to conventional currencies.

Some people also say that what else cryptocurrencies need is a verified ETF. This will ultimately make it easier for people to invest in crypto.

How to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

When it comes to generate a passive income or make money online, investing in cryptocurrency is the best option you can have.