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Description: What up my Peeps, welcome to the Daily D00k13 🖖

Getting ready to work my second job after picking up my final cheque from Portofino Bakery out for a quick walk with Jerry first(I have been bringing him along for the ride and he seems to enjoy it 🐕 he has a job to do and that is purpose to his life) I talk a little about calculated risk within life and how fear of one thing or another keeps us from taking the necessary risk to create the need change within our lives to find value.

In my case it was fear of chaos and not having my “house” in order. I have discus in the video how I believe the decision to leave my employer of 10 years, to thought spur of the moment, was one of those calculated risks and how I had prepared myself unknowingly or it!! Lastly I leave you with a question...

#### What Fear Keeps You From Taking Calculated Risks?

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