Plan To Fail? - Daily D00k13 Day 3

Author: d00k13

Description: What’s up guys? Another day things not going quite how I had planned waking to my apartment without power. Winter storms here in Canada can be a real pain in the bum. Last night the internet cut out while working on my video then this morning the power is completely out. I sure hope I saved my project last night 😅

Seldom do things actually go to plan for me. Constantly having to flex the creative muscle in how I manage to get production done. Sunday I had planned to do an interview with my father but found it rather difficult to lead him on a conversation and most likely will not be using that footage. Yesterday I went out to record the sunrise at the X-Men castle but the fog rolled in and the day turned overcast. Today I wake with the intention of heading down to the breakwater and recording some wildlife but doubt that will actually happen.

Not being sure what I will be getting for footage this morning or when power and internet will be back on I really don’t have much I can do then head out and hope for the best 🤞

That’s it, @d00k13 Out!!!