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Author: d00k13

Description: Twenty Twenty, the year none of us wish existed! But Why? Was it really that bad? Did you get locked up? Loose your job? Shut down your business? Get sick? Loose someone you love? What didn't happen this year? I find myself lamenting but ultimately thankful for what 2020 brought me because I am looking forward to 2021. What blockchain could mean for our future.

"Blockchain Technology is going to revolutionize the world!" a statement we have all heard a hundred times again. We see products come up, some of them are disruptive. Others enter the market and claim to be. What is disruptive? Why does it matter? When considering what we are up against, blockchain is going against the system... lets see where this thought leads me...

Playing with background blurring and a handheld mic for this video. Other then the obvious need for a mic sock & pop filter it came out pretty good, What do you think? From The Heart enough for yea? I do need to adjust my lighting a little to fix small error with background blur, light reflections cause some issues with the software I am testing. I had been feeling like the layout behind me was too busy but after watching this I think the minor blurring will do fine till picking up a green screen. The software version of a green screen will require further lighting purchases also.

LOL on another note can you tell me what kind of mic I am using? I will give you hint, it has to do with what I speak about directly after showing you the emblem. I kind of enjoy holding on to a microphone, and it sounds much better then my Logitech webcam or headset. Wish I had thought about trying this earlier 😜

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