First Day of 8 More Weeks Off Work, Challenge Accepted!!! - Daily D00k13 Day 1

Author: d00k13

Description: Hey Guys! How you doin' Angels? Welcome to the Daily @D00k13! Coming at you today with the first of 8 weeks straight #DTube videos daily. Yeah! New Year, I have plans for this year but I would rather talk today about what I have been doing so far this year. My studio is coming together nicely so lets step into it guys!

Heading in to the doctor to get a reassessment of my health condition I have been given 8 more weeks off. Making a bit of a joking post on Appics, "Ohh No What Will I Do?", I got a response from @ElsieJKay challenging me to daily videos. All I will say on that is challenge accepted and the ASMR video I recorded can be found at the end of this vlog about 5:50. Seeing as I now have permission from the doctor to start exercising again I plan to get out each morning at the crack of dawn to record these moments of tranquility to share, that is what I am thanking you for Elsie

My studio has come a long way from what I had originally imagined it to be. A simple wall and some lighting was all I really needed but here I am trying to build something which will work for what ever purpose I may have including space to potentially have a physical guest on stream. Today's big accomplishment is figuring out how to mount the pegboard behind me without bolting it to the wall. Then how to hang my hats using metal wire hangers.

Last but not least, with this video I have started refining my audio using Reaper audio plugins. The white noise/static heard each time I stop talking from all the various electronic devices running is now nearly eliminated. Also adjusted for my heavy pronunciation of "S" and variable volume of my voice LOL this video I could have posted without background music as it was completely quiet between my word ... incase you were wondering why I am speaking so quiet and slow πŸ˜‰

Tomorrow I will be heading up to my fathers to record an interview, first of the D00k13DotCom Incentivized Creativity videos. I wish to start by giving the backstory of me and my journey of trials and tribulations. Using myself as an example of how creativity that I thought I never had has helped me recover from depression all thanks to a little crypto incentive.

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