Moving Into The Next Leg Of The Second Golden Era For Steem #NewSteem - D00k13 Digest #449

Author: d00k13

Description: What up my peeps, welcome to the @D00k13 Digest, getting a little creative with things after stumbling across a post by @whatsup about embracing the upcoming changes and the #NewSteem campaign. So immediately when I seen the title image of his post the background song of my video came to me and inspired the comparative part. The beginning was thoughts that kinda evolved into poetry as I drove around doing SkipTheDishes today stopping for an hour break I took Jerry out for a walk to record.

## @whatsup's Post

### Things you can do to support the #NewSteem campaign.
- Tweet and tag NewSteem
- Make your own NewSteem videos
- Write and make posts about NewSteem.
- Embrace the new tools
Just give it a reasonable try

### Account Details for Review Under NewSteem:
Consider what you want to support going forward

- Check your delegations
- Check your witness votes
- Check your Auto Voter

NewSteem only works if we behave differently in combination with the updated financial incentives.

# NewSteem
With #HF21 inbound we move into the next leg of our second golden era on Steem with infinite possibilities! We have so much to look forwards too and adjust for, I for one will be pleased to see a face lift in the culture on this platform I have come to love

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***Old Steem Is Behind Us Only NewSteem Remains***

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