A Little About My New Year's Resolution - Daily D00k13

Author: d00k13

Description: What up my Peeps, welcome to the Daily @D00k13 for 03/01/2020 - 06/01/2020 ✌

Another couple rainy day update coming at yea, talking of how my new years resolution "to focus" will play into my online activities, just stirring the pot in #OneLoveDTube. I Found a new recording spot on the Gorge Waterway for my previous video, cool how the boathouse lines up perfectly behind me.

Ended up spending a fair amount of time on creation while still having a moment to gamble on freebitco.in, yea I know right I still faucet πŸ˜… really I just like the gambling but I did find a bot for the faucet to automatically claim hourly free roll πŸ‘Œ

Now to focus on the final steps of my 420FreeWrite and get it posted in the next 24hrs 🀞 fingers crossed 🀞

# Completed
- found new recording spot closer to home
- adjusted my vote following settings, strictly @onelovedtube once again!
- stirred a little activity in community discord
- setup nox & bitbot
- produced Faces Of #OneLoveDTube video featuring @TechCoderX

- look into amazon partner
- setup steempress on d00k13.com
- install steem auto account claim script for onelovedtube
- lamp install
- brave verify steempress page
- oneloved.tube & oneloveipfs.com & onelovesteem.com setup for brave tips
- printer ink for physical key backups
- install ipfs up on 2tb
- install onelovedtube ipfs discord bot
- install ipfs sync script
- rework steem signature
- smoke.io templates
- do the 420freewrite readings
- vote script for smoke.io
- notifications script for smoke.io

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