Heading For An MRI Talking Mind-Body-Soul - Daily D00k13 Oct 29-2020

Author: d00k13

Description: What's up my Peeps, Welcome to the Daily @D00k13! Heading out to the hospital today for an MRI hoping it will reveal the cause of recent Sciatica issues. Jerry basically refused to go anywhere for the most part of the morning requiring treats to even make it outside. Only to turn and insist on going right back in once going to the washroom. When mentioning a car ride it was whole other story and he happily came along for the adventure. As you can see he is just fine though we still watch his wound between the toes closely and treat daily with topical solutions.

My day was impressively busy for a dude with sciatica. Issue being I always push myself too hard and thus the reason for a little Mind-Body-Soul discussion, reminder to myself maybe? Only too late of course requiring to take the day off before I even get to finishing this video.

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