Setting Up A Multi Tier Curation Trail For My Sidechain Tokens - D00k13 Digest #428

Author: d00k13

Description: What up my peeps, welcome to the @D00k13 Digest, coming up with a new plan of attack to maximize VP on my main account while also maximising my support with outgoing sidechain votes(palnet, steemleo, weedcash). I will be utilizing a multi tier curation trail, essentially using @onelove.curation to support our #OneLoveDTube curation team followed by @onelovesteem @50% fractional voting weight which will also follow the @DTube & @OneLoveDTube probably also @50% fractional voting weight which will be finally followed by my token holding accounts @500%. My idea is to not drain any one specific account below 90% while being able to still give nearly 100% votes with my token holding accounts. After that is all set up I will be looking at running a curation bot on @onelovesteem thus maximizing my available VP.

Seems complicated and a little more than need be but I wish to set it up now with the ability to expand and adjust freely later on down the line. I will be using for the token holding accounts and @onelovesteem for the sake of tag limits while still using for managing the @onelove.curation account in full curation team support mode.

#### Let me know what your thoughts in the comments down below!?

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