Let's Develop DTube To What We All Envision It To Be - Droppin' A D00k13 Live With A4TW

Author: d00k13

Description: Reviewing the last stream we had in our community discord server. It was an impressive stream with developers TechCoderX, Brishtiteveja, Fasolo touching on so many subjects this week we just have to do a little pre posting highlight and further post clips all this upcoming week!

# Full Show Next Post On @OneLoveDTube

Topics Of Our Community Live Stream:
- Channel Banner Images & Profile Images Fixed - In a decentralized way - plan is to have all API nodes able to act as image server by caching information
- Techcoderx.com DTube Portal Testnet & Mainnet Running - double checking API for what chain you may be interacting with https://dtube.techcoderx.com/
- Scalability Discussion - related to image hosting but talking about chain scalability - future need of a queue type system when transactions happen to surpass limits ...
- Reupvote/Replacevote - allowing for users to vote multiple times on single content ... currently very messy
- Vote Tip Demo - working and soon to be implemented plus discussion into default vote values and how it may help economy without author rewards
- Why Do We Allow Self Upvote? - what are there purpose, do we need them, what can we replace self vote with but still allow authors to earn on content
- VOTE SLIDER CLUMSY - need some easy clickable values
- Down Vote OP - definitely needs adjustment
- Community Verifier - reputation/originaldtuber whitelist .... type thing ... multiple layers of influence to votes

Always Live FromTheHeart in One Love Community
- https://discord.gg/RntGNy6kKH

Remember to bring your mic and cam to join the conversation in discord.

Watch Now From Live Replays
- YouTube: https://youtu.be/HuOKSNXtazs
- Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/949346968
- Facebook: https://fb.watch/4ef4CVx0HG/
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/D00k13DotCom/status/1371080312109686785

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