Self Voting Is The New Normal? - Daily D00k13 Oct-23-2020

Author: d00k13

Description: What's up my Peeps, Welcome to the Daily @D00k13! Out first thing in the morning at the Gorge Waterway on an extremely frosty morning. Happened to catch the Dragon Boat rowers practicing ... must be cold there was ice floating in that water! This video I talk a little about self voting in reference to our curation based voting system and lack of author rewards.

The idea is simple, self voting is the new normal. Get over the stigmatism and just do it, this is the only way you will earn from your own content! The days of authors being shunned for self voting are over, we are in a system of gamification with slightly different rules then before. I further go on in video to talk about commenting and how once I started gaining VP there was a need to turn down my default vote on DTube for comment rewards.

In a single statement - The Amount Of DTC You Hold Determines Everything! Either you are setting the rewards for your post or you are letting them go to someone else!

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