When All Looks Lost, Just Do You! - D00k13 Digest

Author: d00k13

Description: What up my Peeps, welcome to the @D00k13 Digest! We had quite the morning and events still seem to be evolving. Starting off with a little run down of how things evolved to this point I discuss a little about what we can be doing in the meantime.

Coming straight out of the PAL Discord where everyone was talking about the sudden development of STEEM's top 20 witness spots being taken over by using stake from exchanges. Lots of talk about what it means for the blockchain and us as STEEM investors. Much talk about a hardfork by developers while content creators fall on the side of just wanting a platform to post on.

Trust me I get it from the aspect of a witness and content creator. We have been dealing with down time on Smoke.io for months now and had to fork to implement features stopping attacks from specified account(aka spam filter). As a content creator the most frustrating thing for me is to show up to a platform and not be able to post! That spark of creation dwindles pretty quickly and alternatives easily hold my attention when the regular is not available.... I am still on Smoke.io even after the last downtime on STEEM from hard forking complications.

There are things we can be doing to express our displeasure. For one something fairly harmless, take to Social Media and swarm the exchanges accounts involved with messages and support others speaking out about this situation also. Make certain you are using your witness votes on the top real witnesses, among us we do have the power to take back control.

Myself, I am contemplating preparations. Prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. Prepare by making certain I have pulled all delegations and I am ready to power down or start one immediately and restart when the shorter power down goes live. Who knows what options will be set before us I just do not want to get caught off guard, he could locked our stake for all we know!

Besides preparing and being vocal, Just Do You!

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