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Description: What up my Peeps, welcome to the @D00k13 Digest! Taking a little break from work on a slower night I decided to record a vlog on this Corona Virus International Epidemic thing. It is pretty crazy all that is going on from supply shortages and people fighting to interantional shipping shutdowns. Not to cause alarm but in the video I suggest preparing for more then just a blizzard this will be an entire season.

This is a virus and will last at least like the others before it so we must prepare for that. Many months I suspect, who knows about reinfection rates as of yet. So don't worry about stock piling the few things that everyone needs, worry about practicing habits to ensure your safety if in an area of concern.

### Simple Things
- Regular Hand Washing
- Change Greating Habits
- Monitor Points Of Exposure
- Don't Touch Your Face
- Use Hand Sanitizer (How To Make Your Own -

Remember to be diligent if you are someone of high risk to illness. Prepare for a Corona Winter not just a Corona Blizzard but Don't Panic, the healthy and intelligent will survive!

### Further Info On Corona/Covid-19
- World Health Organization:
- Time Article Detailing Spread:
- CDC World Map:
- John Hopkins Live World Map:

### Precations
- CDC Guide To Getting Your Home Ready:
- Possible Treatments:

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