Getting Caught Up With Severals Days Worth Of Events - Daily D00k13

Author: d00k13

Description: What up my Peeps, welcome to the Daily @D00k13 for 11/30/2019 - 12/04/2019✌

Was an interesting couple days, starting off with backing to resync my witness twice due to storage space issues resulting in turning off IPFS for the time being....

Didn't get anywhere near as much as I had liked done last week but I did get up to something nearly everyday πŸ˜… I did however decide to take the rest of the year off from SkipTheDishes for the sake of my sanity while trying to knock off some of these projects before the year ends... Time something we cannot get back πŸ˜‰ I can always earn more money when its needed.

Skipping the daily done & to do write up for this one so I can get it up... if you wanna know what I have been up to yea gotta watch the video 😁

- uphold id verification for the third time for brave rewards
- & & setup for brave tips
- printer ink for physical key backups
- set ipfs up on 2tb
- look into amazon partner
- rework steem signature
- templates
- install 1tb ssd
- do the 420freewrite readings
- vote script for
- notifications script for

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