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Description: What up my Peeps, welcome to the Daily D00k13 ๐Ÿ––

Taking a little break from Skip The Dishes to walk Jerry my navigator around the Gorge Waterway a little. While Jerry was chasing a squirrel a talk by Jordan Peterson popped into my head where he stated that... I believe started "it seems as if"... the human condition is to search as we age for our source of seemingly ever fleeting unconditional joy for the experience we call life through external sources.... he related this to parenthood and the necessity for one to have children as they are unconditional sources of joy and love.

He also stated something like... the relationships we build as adults though fond cannot be sources of unconditional love or joy as stipulations to the relationship always exist thus only from a childlike state when no stipulations exist can that source come from.... Enter Jerry! He is probably both my source and my fiance's source of unconditional joy and for both of us I could say that to be true for all our previous pets as well!

I kinda talk about it in the video but sorta miss the mark LOL this was recorded 48hrs ago the first day of me feeling ill and I have been down and out for the last 24hrs even accidentally blew off my Skip The Dishes shift yesterday and as penalty they took today's away.... ahhh well health comes first!

Now to go back to cuddling, sleep another 8hrs and I should be good for B&C Foods tonight ๐Ÿคž

### What's Your Unconditional Source Of Joy/Love?

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