Our First Day Searching For Charity Societies ... In The Rain - Daily D00k13 Dec-19-2020

Author: d00k13

Description: What's up guys, welcome to the Daily @D00k13. This video Mel and I end up going downtown Victoria to hunt for Charity locations after the amazing response we got on the Meck Designs Fundraiser.

Starting the day off by finally playing with my Icomery 4K camera I record a little of Jerry sleeping and Mel knitting, showing off my matching face covering and shirt. Then we hit the streets and the rain was a complication but we managed to find a nice place to go for a walk on a sunny day. Rolling down town we spotted Our Place with plenty of less fortunate people around which will be a great place to start asking around about any families in need for the first couple family packages we have ready.

Ending the day off with a little CamDog walk and Jerry's favorite part a game of "Find It" ... while we are outside walking Mel will hide Jerry's treats all over the house so he has something to do when first getting in the door. Jerry is always a freak when coming back in the house and this is a great way to keep him engaged!

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Stay tuned for the next Daily D00k13 where I giveaway the first family package πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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