How to Buy & Stake HEX w/ Metamask Mobile App

Author: dabiggest01

Description: This video is to help you learn how to buy hex and stake it with the Metamask mobile app.

HEX is the first certificate of deposit savings account on the blockchain. HEX allows you to monetize the time value of money on a whole new level! Learn More:

If you want to buy large amounts of HEX you can buy Ethereum through Coinbase, Gemini etc. as they allow much higher buy limits after creating and verifying your account then you can withdraw that Ethereum (ETH) from ie. Coinbase to your Metamask wallet.

A HEX advertisement was recently spotted inside the Economist Magazine (April 3, 2021).

The crypto killer app is already here and its called Staker there was recently a Medium article talking about this innovative APP and its built exclusively for the cryptocurrency HEX. Download it for iOS and Android NOW!

HEX was recently featured in "This is Money" and Yahoo Finance

HEX was founded by Richard Heart


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