HEX: Uniswap Liquidity

Author: dabiggest01

Description: In this video, we discuss liquidity in the HEX market. Uniswap is currently the most liquid market for HEX, with token pairs such as HEX/USDC and HEX/ETH having $5.7M and $2.7M in liquidity respectively. We cover how automated market makers are unique in their price-setting mechanisms, historical huge market buys from Ethereum whales, and how price would be affected today given current liquidity and such examples of past market buys. Do you think $1 HEX is inevitable? Let me know in the comments where you think the price of HEX headed next!

Disclaimer: The information presented within this video is NOT financial advice.

0:00 - HEX liquidity on Uniswap
1:12 - Liquidity / price calculator
4:03 - Ethereum god whale 10,000 ETH market buy
5:30 - What would a 10,000 ether market buy look like today?
7:14 - Ethereum genesis whales
8:20 - Low liquidity means high volatility
9:34 - Cashing out in a low liquidity environment
10:24 - But what if everyone sells at once?
10:46 - Random Mt. Gox BTC comment
11:00 - What makes $1 HEX possible?
11:45 - High liquidity means lower volatility
12:51 - Outro

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