Richard Heart - My Blueprint to Financial Freedom.

Author: dabiggest01

Description: Richard's blueprint:

Summary: Create a retail/commerce based business to raise capital. Then use your expertise/knowledge to start a business or own something that is a business.

*Goal #1 - Buy your freedom to free your time.

Create a Small Level Local Entrepenurship. Do some commerce.
-Hourly work will break you free, and can provide a means to an end...but it is not the end.

*Goal #2 - Take it to the next level.
Find ways to scale yourself. What does scale mean?
-Find businesss with low/no Mariginal costs to add additional customers or services
-Buy producing assets, business...hard work to provide a real product/service to the market

***Beware get rich quick schemes....beware speculation before you have bought your freedom and scaled a business/service. And Beware folks selling stuff that they themselves don't use...careful.