HEX.com: First Blockchain Certificate of Deposit

Author: dabiggest01

Description: Jane King interviews Richard Heart, Founder, Hex.com; and Rick Shaddock, Director, Digital Coin Association. https://hex.com/

HEX Is The First Blockchain Certificate Of Deposit
CDs, known as Certificates of Deposit or Time Deposits, are worth Trillions of dollars. CDs are worth more than gold, credit card companies, and cash. CDs pay higher interest than savings accounts, requiring money be deposited for a fixed time.

Banks profit on poor customer service, early withdrawal fees, and auto-renewing you at worse rates. They pay pitifully low interest. New money is printed all the time, making yours less valuable. HEX replaces inefficient currencies, banks and payment networks with verifiably secure peer-to-peer technology. HEX has outperformed Bank CDs because it's nothing like a Bank CD. HEX monetizes the time value of money in a totally new way. In HEX, you're the bank.