Other pro.fitable cry.pto currencies than bitcoin hex coinmarketcap

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Description: Other pro.fitable cry.pto currencies than bitcoin hex coinmarketcap
Ive been asked this qution many times by corporate clients who wish to build an entrepreneurship program for blockchain initiatives. When looking at protocols I qualify using the following metrics Dentralisation Decentralisation is about power. Who has power? Does having a copy of something means you have power over everyone elses state, or does it mean you are just watching the people in power Scalability Most people talk about tps speed. While its a vanity metric if you think of a blockchain as a database A public cloud where everyone keeps ownership of their data. You can stream a 4K video over the blockchain in a million small transactions or 1 big one. Utility Bitcoin originally had way more utility than it currently has. Big parts of the code have been disabled. In fact, Bitcoin actually had a turing complete scripting language. My mind was blown when I found this out. Alan Turing defined when a language could computate any mathimatical issue that has a solution, it would be turing complete Not ínfinite looping, thats the idiot definition. Bitcoin is a 2 stack Push Down Automata and is able to do that, without infinite looping. Anyway hit me up if you want more info on this. Ironic that the lack of turing completeness of Bitcoin was the main reason that led to Ethereum and thereafter to the thousands of new protocols trying to improve on Ethereum. This means that the bitcoin blockchain can compute anything that any computer can In fact because anyone could co.ntribute computing power it can actually compute more, much more. This is like going from a room computer in the 80s to cloud computing today. Stability I dont care for the price AT ALL. As a business or user you only buy a token when you need it. My discovery was around the stability of the software that the blockchain runs. The software that the entrepreneur will build its business on. The discovery was that there was very little talk around this point, while its crucial from a business perspective. I think this is due to the fact that the current developers dont feel the pain as they are not building on top of a protocol, most of them wor.k inside the protocol. Also protocol changes would allow the blockchain to be incompatible with law over time, which is a higher risk for my clients. Patents The blockchain industry doesnt care about patents, they stand for free and open source. Claiming a patent is a spit in the face for what blockchain stands for. It is very co.ntroversial to even bring this point up as a pro or co.n for a protocol. Unfortunately the bigger more experienced corporations know how this game goes and are already filing a lot of patents. And these filings always take 5 years before you can really see the effect in the market. My clients knew this too and wanted an assessment of where to go with the program focus, both on protocol but also on utility level. I have lea.rned that Patents can ki.ll but also protect innovation. You can use a patent to cripple your competitors. But you can also patent to make sure your technology is used the way its intended. Example You see this with the infamous case of VirnetX that patented iMessage tech without building it, then Apple had to pay $500m for it. This is pure crippling. Law The industry apparently doesnt want to recognize that these blockchains still need to operate in the real world, with users that fall in certain judicial districts. If the blockchain cannot comply with local laws, it will not be adopted. Looking at the current top 10 cryocurrencies, I can only find one project accomodating for all of the above points. Intertingly enough this is also one of the more co.ntroversial projects in the space. Bitcoin SV. Lea.rn more about The Metanet , a data protocol for the internet, built on BitCoin.