Foldable Car Front Windshield Sunshade Umbrella Block Reviews 2020

Author: ehproductfinder12

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This car windshield parasol uses high-quality aluminum foil material to block a lot of heat and reflect sunlight, which can effectively reduce the temperature in the car and prevent damage and aging inside the car.
This car windshield sunshade can effectively protect you from sunlight and provide you with a cool driving environment.
The car windshield sunscreen is time-saving and convenient, easy to use, non-destructive installation, small storage space after folding (with storage bag), can be placed on the side door of the car and the central storage box to save space and easy storage. This car sunshade is convenient for daily use and is an ideal sunshade accessory for summer cars!
The sun shade used for the car windshield cover has heat resistance and heat resistance, which can prevent direct sunlight damage. keep the air in the car fresh, and ensure green travel. The unique design of the wrapped umbrella beads will not damage the car interior and paint, and is not harmful to installation and use.