Let's Try Undungeon Arena #undungeonarena

Author: elizibar

Description: The developer asked me to give this game a go, so I did. It controls a bit like Diablo and throws the player into an arena to face waves of enemies. The art style is pretty nice and the setting seems cool. Let's give it a try!

From the description on Steam: Become a space gladiator and battle across multiple arenas in this standalone roguelite experience set in the Undungeon universe.

Be a space gladiator: combine ranged and melee weapons and choose your tactics carefully as you tailor your fighting style;
Compete for the amusement of the crowd: overcome increasingly stronger waves of arena combatants to earn the title of a champion;
Earn coins and trade: cunning merchants will gladly exchange your bloody rewards for powerful gear;

This video is not intended for children.

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