Games Throwback- Vector

Author: emmie.willy38

Description: This game actually brings back a lot of memories for me, I first encounter this game in school from one of my friends. Those days many of us didn't have a phone, but one of us in our group had one, but he said at home they only have light once in a while. As for me, I didn't have a phone but we do on generator every night. So as kids in our little mind and blind trust, we decided I would be the one to take the phone home and charge, then we will use it to play games the next day at school.

Vector was one of those games on the phone back then, a week ago I was just searching for something on Google play and I stumbled on Vector, so I downloaded it. I actually thought by now it would be boring to me, but to my surprise it still a great game as those times. But the memories of how someone could trust me and hand over his phone to me to take home everyday, still trickle my brain and reminds me of how much little children love and trust without having to look for any bases. Is that still possible??