I Am Alive Challenge (Day 18) : Exceptional Summer for me this year

Author: engrsayful

Description: Hi Dear Friends,
I am here again with another post of #IAmAliveChallenge and #HiveIsAlive initiated by @flaxz

Bangladesh is a land of beauty and green with six seasons. Season changes in each two months. Summer has gone just. Summer is very busy time for most of the people as it’s the time of harvesting some crops and fruits. Jack fruits is the national fruit of Bangladesh. Mango and Litchi are two major fruits and huge harvest this year. Northern part of Bangladesh like Rajshahi District is very much famous in cultivating mango. In summer, People normally stays very busy with School, College, Office, factory, agriculture etc in the summer. But this is very exceptional summer for students and me as well. I am here at home for about 3 three months. I am sharing some information about the normal summer and this year summer in this vlog. Hope you will enjoy this vlog. I am participating in this challenge each and every day. It’s very nice challenge I must say because who knows tomorrow, we shall be here anymore or not. Lets celebrate each day to the community. Hoping to see you tomorrow with another day and another post.
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## Who I am:
I am lecturer of Textile Engineering in Bangladesh and a newly married husband. I love to share my thoughts and ideas to my friends and community. I want to express whatever I have learn so far in YouTube, DTube etc. I explain Textile, Earning and Cryptocurrency related vlogs. I love to capture Natural Photography. I am always a learner and wants to make huge community here in Blockchain to reach to the moon with Blockchain.
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