Crypto Vlog (56) : About Crypto ban in several countries [Lets talk about it]

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**Today's Content:** Crypto Vlog (56)
**Topic Name:** Several issues of Cryptocurrency ban in several countries

# **Topic Description:**
Blockchain and cryptocurrency are two modern concept. Its said that, how much expert you are in any field or study, it does not mean you know everything. Its very obvious that to know any issue or matter very clearly you must try it. Only with theoretical knowledge its difficult to measure or take decision. I think this happened to some of the countries in the context of crypto ban.
The main reason behind the ban is stated that the source of fund transfer can not be justified thus illegal activities can be boast up. This is not true always because in the blockchain technology every transaction is stored forever. On the other hand, system has no fault rather misuse of system. I have stated some issues related to crypto ban here with example. Hope you will find it useful. Check the video.

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