I Am Alive Challenge (Day 25) : Planted some fruit trees at yard

Author: engrsayful

Description: Hi Dear Friends,
I am here again with another post of #IAmAliveChallenge and #HiveIsAlive initiated by @flaxz
I am very happy to be here again to participate this challenge of I am alive. This is very early morning of the day and all awesome. I normally come to roof after get up from bed in the morning. Today I am sharing some photographs from yesterday. I have planted some fruit trees here at yard. For last couple of days, I was preparing the soil for plantation. Yesterday bought some mango, jack fruit, lichee, guava, and wood trees. Here you can see its very nice to plant tree and I like this work very much. I am using my time here in this lockdown days. There is not so much land available to plant more trees. That’s why I had to manage the space for planting. As I have mentioned in my earlier vlog, I have plan to cultivate fish with modern technologies as well. I have mentioned about the corona situation as well. Hope you will enjoy. I am again thankful to the initiator for arranging this challenge. Hope to see you tomorrow.


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I am lecturer of Textile Engineering in Bangladesh and a newly married husband. I love to share my thoughts and ideas to my friends and community. I want to express whatever I have learn so far in YouTube, DTube etc. I explain Textile, Earning and Cryptocurrency related vlogs. I love to capture Natural Photography. I am always a learner and wants to make huge community here in Blockchain to reach to the moon with Blockchain.
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