I Am Alive Challenge (Day 23) : Rural Students are being effected more with their study

Author: engrsayful

Description: Hi Dear Friends,
I am here again with another post of #IAmAliveChallenge and #HiveIsAlive initiated by @flaxz

In Bangladesh, Rural guardians are not conscious enough on the study of their children. Normally they send their child into school and all done. On the other hand, urban or city area’s guardians are conscious. They himself take care of their students in study. Otherwise they keep a private tutor for them. Thus, in corona situation, rural students are being affected more. They are out of study for a long time of more than three months. So, its very much difficult for them to stay in the race of study competition. And in this trap, they are failed to compete the riches. This is current matter of concern. For those children Bangladesh government has started to deliver online lecture through government and private TV channels. But again, rural people are not used to this situation which I have observed around me. The situation of Corona is still steady here. I have bought a mobile yesterday which is Realme 6i. I had a long journey that’s why could not participate yesterday challenge. Today feeling good to participate again. Hope to see you tomorrow.
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I am lecturer of Textile Engineering in Bangladesh and a newly married husband. I love to share my thoughts and ideas to my friends and community. I want to express whatever I have learn so far in YouTube, DTube etc. I explain Textile, Earning and Cryptocurrency related vlogs. I love to capture Natural Photography. I am always a learner and wants to make huge community here in Blockchain to reach to the moon with Blockchain.
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