Random Vlog (55) : My learning so far from Corona situation

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**Today's Content:** Random Vlog (55)
**Topic Name:** My learning so far from corona situation so far

# **Topic Description:**
Experiencing three months of corona situation, I have learned four things so far which I am going to share here with you. This is all about my personal observations. I want to categorize all into four categories.
1. People are very much vulnerable to nature
2. We have not been improved in medical science upto the mark so far
3. In critical situation, no one is going to help you.
4. Even developed nations have lack of resources
People have arms to destroy this world for seven times but can’t fight against a tiny virus which is not visible with open eye. After a lot of research and technology, we don’t have vaccine so far. In your critical situation, many of your surrounding may escape from you. We have seen some developed nations struggling with different difficulties not only in medical but also economy, food and unemployment. I have explained one after one in the video. Watch the video for details. Hope you will like this vlog.
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