Random Vlog (57) : How do i spend my lock-down days effectively and efficiently

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**Today's Content:** Random Vlog (57)
**Topic Name:** How do I spend my lockdown time

# **Topic Description:**
This is very important to spend time effectively and efficiently all the time. In lockdown days, we are out of office and no work at workplace. So, we have enough time at our hand but at home. We need to plan to spend the time of lockdown days in effective way. I am sharing some tasks I am maintaining for couple of months in lockdown situation. I stay at home whole day. I have segregated some time for some specific tasks daily. For this, I have done a routine for my daily tasks. I do blog here in hive for a while, help the kids of my family in preparing lesson, help my brother in fish farming activities, do some agriculture related activities around yard, planting some trees in the gap of my house, cleaning and painting of my house area. In this way, I am trying to be active and fit. On the other hand, making my sweet home clean and fresh day by day. Involving in agriculture greatly like rooftop gardening.
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