Residue of Size material identification || Which & how much size is present in a fabric [বাংলা]

Author: engrsayful

Description: Sizing is a must process of weaving. To increase the strength of your we use size material to the year so that the strength increases. It is used before weaving starts. To increase the weaving performance and reduce the yarn and breakage, it is very important to size the yarn.

But this size materials has to be removed before wet processing. It is only needed for weaving performance increasing. Otherwise it is a unnecessary task. So now you can easily understand that size materials removal processes in intregal part of wet processing (dyeing). After removing size materials from a yarn, it is another important task to find out that there any size material still present in the yarn or not . In this tutorial I am explaining the matter of identifying the Residue of size material present in a yarn after applying the size materials removal process. This technique is very much suitable for wet processing to identify or understand the amount of size material removal after application of their process of removing size material. If they can remove most of the size then their performance is good otherwise their performance is low. So here in this tutorial you'll find the way of how to check the amount of size material present in a yarn of fabric. Thank you very much for stopping by and I hope this video will be very very helpful for the textile students and industry employees