Random Vlog (54) : Humanity after Corona situation, Lets talk about it.

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**Today's Content:** Random Vlog (54)
**Topic Name:** Humanity during Corona situation and Planing for the future

# **Topic Description:**
In the corona situation, one of the positive signs we can see in the World is the War Situation improvement. I want to explain this in the way like, once people were in fight to kill each other, but now all together are trying to get rid of corona virus. Under the corona situation, the War in several places has been stopped. Before Corona situation, we have seen War in several places of the World like Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen etc. But now human being is not busy with killing each other rather saving themselves from another enemy. We treat each other as enemy. Like current situation, we need to get out of War even after corona situation so that we can save humanity. We should change ourselves like those nations who are involved in such kind of Wars. Let’s swear and make some plan for the future after the corona situation. I have done so and sharing some of these in this video vlog. Hope you will find it useful. Thanks.
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