I Am Alive Challenge (Day 17) : Unofficial deaths are matter of concern

Author: engrsayful

Description: Hi Dear Friends,
I am here again with another post of #IAmAliveChallenge and #HiveIsAlive initiated by @flaxz

We can see the corona situation like death and positive from the government database through the daily official press conference by heath department in the form of health bulletin. There are some private channels who record and publish the news of death with corona symptoms. We don't know wheather its being recorded in the government database or not. I have a good experience in that case, that is one of my relative's have been died with some minor symptoms of corona. After that govt officials and test team come to test the blood sample from death. Next day, they informed to the relatives of death peoson that he was corona positive. Testing should be done in this way. I think as testing is done, thus its recorded into the govt database. Exact information is very much needed to help researching and awaring people etc reasons. I am sharing about this topic today. Hope you will enjoy.
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