Random Vlog (53) : Early riser can taste the beauty of nature

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**Today's Content:** Random Vlog (53)
**Topic Name:** Early riser can taste the beautiful natural environment.

# **Topic Description:**
It is said that, the wind of the morning is the medicine of many diseases. How much true the saying is I don’t know but there should be some good factors of good health on the wind of very early morning. That’s why Its recommended that, early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Early rising is a good habit. I try to rise early and feel good throughout the day. In those days, when can’t get up early in the morning, is a boring day. I feel like tired but feel fresh and active when get up early. The nature and environment specially the wind of early morning is so good. If you have experience of that, you can say how lovely it is. You can ask to those who get up early about the beauty and peace of the environment in the early morning. So it will be a good experience for you. Those who get up early, they know the matter. I am sharing here today’s vlog in the very early morning with some features of early morning. Hope you will enjoy.
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