2020-01-03 Hour 3 Host Ernest Hancock interviews guest Richard Grove

Author: ernesthancock

Description: Host Ernest Hancock interviews guest Richard Grove (Tragedy & Hope) on the video industry now and future (blockchain revenue/downloads/how should content providers should/would be paid), intellectual property, etc...

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Richard Grove

Webpage: Tragedy and Hope


08-17-12 RG State of Mind Production_IMDB"I retired from corporate America in my early 30's, after a short but very successful career when I became a corporate whistle blower in 2004 (under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act) and representing myself in court. Once you come face to face with some major flaws of our society, you can't un-see such flaws, and I felt compelled to learn about how to resolve the injustice I witnessed.

Since then, I have dedicated my time and invested my efforts to collecting the best and rarest artifacts and evidence which illustrate this ongoing corruption of justice – whereby I then create and develop solutions to provide individuals with Cognitive Liberty.

I teach Intellectual Self-Defense, Methods for Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving skill sets to autodidacts (those who have the desire for self-learning).

As I widened my perspectives, I discovered a stream of systematic control systems permeating our society – within that stream there is a current of corruption adversely affecting hard-working folks in the middle and lower classes.

People are being dumbed-down, and the thieves of freedom are plundering the production of those who are too ill-informed to protect themselves intellectually from such schemes.

I see Freedom as being composed of three primary ingredients: Non-Aggression, Physical Self-Defense, and Intellectual Self-Defense, and I create media to educate and inform those who seek to understand how our world really works."

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