Don't Wake The Sleeping Dog

Author: famigliacurione

Description: Whether Steemit or DTude, There's No Need to Be Rube
Open-Source Knowledge, dCollege Wants to Free You
Wouldn't Want to Be You, I See You're Corrupted
Wanna Play the Fool, but Your Plan's Been Obstructed
Don't Wake the Sleeping Dog
If You Can't Keep It Real, Stay the Fuck Off My Blog
I Walk Through the Fog, and the Mist, and the Rain
Feeling All the Pain, but I'm Still Proof-of-Brain
Some Think That I'm Insane, Protect My Family Name
Go and Ask @whatsup, Cuz Steem is Just a Game
Now When You Against the Grain, You Gonna Make Some Foes
And If You Keep Making Mistakes, You Gonna Be Exposed
But If You Stay In Your Place, My Community Grows
And If You Wanna Act Right, You Can Avoid Being Froze
Shout Out to All Those That Got My Back
And Anabolic Beatz For This Aggro Track
My STEEM I'ma Stack When I Make My Claim
You Can Continue to Attack, but I'ma Still Maintain
You're Killing Your Domain and Living Full of Shame
And Kounter Kulture's Here to Put An End to Your Reign
And If I Put in the Frame, You Gonna See the Bigger Picture
Steem Sniper, 20000 Miles, I'ma Hit'cha
I Get'cha, All Chewed Up and Then I Spit'cha
Out With the Rest of the Scammers Who Wanna Get Richer
I'll Ditch Ya, Leave You Off the Side of the Road
With 7 Pounds of C4 All Set to Explode
And If You Talk Shit Again, I'ma Cock and Reload
And Send a Message to Your Cronies Not to Hack My Code
- Kounter Kulture
Anabolic Beatz
Freestyle Rap Beat | Hard Boom Bap Type Beat | Hip Hop Instrumental - "Behind Barz"

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