It's Thursday 26th March 2020! Happy Almost-Friday! Drop a link to your HIVE posts for chance of Reblog, Upvote and Tweet



Hello lovelies! It’s Thursday 26th March 2020! Happy Almost-Friday everyone!

So yes, it is almost Friday! Does the weekend mean much change for you guys? I run a B&B so often the weekend was a busy time. But, like a lot of you, I haven’t been able to work for a couple of weeks. So every day is pretty much like another! It is two weeks today since we had our last guests in the B&B.

Today has started out pretty cold. -2 C on out thermometer outside the house. One of my neighbours told me (at a safe distance!) that it had been -6C over night. It is supposed to be colder during the day for the next week or so too. Struggling to get about 10C.

The sun is shining though, so that helps. And I don’t mind the cold. Walking in the cold can be invigorating. But I have to limit the amount of walking I do. We have a maximum of 1 hour a day at the moment (due to lockdown in France).

I made these bees last night. I will put brooch pins on them later:

Once I have posted this I am going to write my freewrite. And then I want to write a short story. Or at least start one. I don’t plan my stories, they are as much as a surprise to me as to the person reading it (if anyone does!). So don’t ask me what it is about, ‘cos I have no idea!

I plan to restart the ZapFic contest next Tuesday. I wanted to leave it this week for the dust to settle a bit. Also, I am still not decided on what awards there will be (no SBI, and other tokens aren’t on Hive yet). So things might change on a weekly basis depending what I have in my honey pot!

Stay cool, everyone. And #BeHIVE.


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