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Hello 🐝lovely🐝bees🐝! It’s Thursday 11th June 2020!! Happy Almost-Friday!

Yesterday, I spent the morning up at the renovation house. There is a lot of grass that needs taking care of. I am not a fan of taking care of grass. So I am trying to limit the amount of strimming I need to do. I am going to fence off some of the land. I have laid out some black plastic (pierced to allow drainage and pinned and weighted it down. I used all the gravel I had and calculated how much more I will need to buy (as well as wood for fencing).

Hopefully this will cut down the time I spend strimming!

I also put another coat of paint on the bathroom walls of one of the B&B guest bedrooms. I will move on to painting the wood work today

I have been to the artisanal shop and taken some photos and took some photos and made a short video to publicise it.

This afternoon, I will be taking my wife to an appointment in a town about 40 minutes away. We’ll do some shopping there too.

Later, I will be playing the guitar, writing and reading too.

Let me know what you are up to!

I hope you guys have a wonderful day.

Stay cool, everyone.

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