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Hello 🐝lovely🐝bees🐝! It’s Wednesday 6th May 2020! Happy Hump Day!

Today is day Seven of MAYnia! This month a bunch of ~~idiots~~ Freewriters are going to be trying to write 50000 words in a month! That is over 1666 words EVERY DAY! Oh man! I am having a go (So far - up to, and including, DAY 6 - I’ve written 11,533 words!)… you can find out more about it and today’s prompts here:

If you have nothing better to do you can read my previous “chapters”: [One](, [Two](, [Three](, [Four](, [Five](, [Six](

I have written the five minute freewrite, and a couple of hundred more, so need to write about 1100 more words today!

It’s a beautiful sunny morning, here in Central France. Today, I need to take my cat to the vets… he has an injury and I think it’s infected. So needs proper cleaning and antibiotics.

I will also be doing some work outside cleaning down the metal structure over the door. It acts as a porch - protection against the rain (when it has glass in it!) - but it needs stripping right back to the metal and repainting and then needs new glass putting in. Yesterday, I got the last few pieces of glass out (most were broken) so today is about scraping and cleaning.

Oh, I will also be practising the guitar and learning more Spanish.

I hope you guys have a wonderful day.

Stay cool, everyone.

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