Hung Galaxy Exhibition by Taiwanese Artist Hung Yi - City of Arts and Sciences - Valencia

Author: for91days

Description: Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences is currently hosting this colorful contemporary art exhibition called Hung Galaxy. These art pieces were created by Taiwanese artist Hung Yi - inspired by the animals of the Chinese New Year while adding some beautiful Taiwanese patterns.

Overall this City of Arts and Sciences is set in minimalistic colors and I was happy to see that these sculptures added some splash of color, especially when hit by the strong Valencia morning sun.

The city of Valencia should hire him to design the municipal Fallas Figure for one of the upcoming Fallas Festivals. It would be amazing!

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Time Stamps

0:00 Hung Galaxy Exhibition in Valencia
0:06 Blue and White Bears
0:45 Hung Yi Rabbit
0:59 Hung Galaxy Pig
1:21 Hung Yi Monkey
1:45 Colorful Ram
2:14 Hung Yi Deer