Grand Mascletà Napolitana - Fallas 2009 / A Unique Rare Valencia Beach Firework, Almost Vintage!

Author: for91days

Description: Please keep in mind when you're watching this video of the Grand Mascletà Napolitana, this has been recorded over 11 years ago (current year 2020) - so the image and audio quality is pretty bad.

But this beach Mascleta is still impressive and sadly the last one, was shot during Fallas 2011 (as far as we know). And it's truly a shame - the scale of this firework, especially looking how high the shells go and then also noting the pure force needed to propel them up to these heights. It's truly outstanding.

I really hope that one day they're bringing these Beach Mascletas back to Valencia - these Grand Mascletà Napolitana actually originated from Italy. So if not, I think I need to go seek them out across the Mediterranean Sea some day.

Pictures of the Grand Mascletà Napolitana on our [Hola Valencia Blog](