Dasho's Pubg Mobile Tournament | Battle For 150 UC | Round 4 | Day 4 |

Author: freecrypto

Description: There will be total 4 round within the next 4 days for the battle of 150 UC , within the next 4 days the one who kills the most highest number of players will be declared as winner , getting chicken dinner is not important for this battle instead the number of kills within next 6 days is Important , Records of number of killed for every user will be maintained by us , also number of kills of each & every individual player is Important & not the team , 150 Uc will be divided among Top 3 players whose number of kill will be high throughout this week
1st prize = 100 UC
2nd Prize = 30 Uc
3rd price = 20 uc

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Tournament organized by : Arshan Dasho

Commentary by : Tanmayparab