Is Our Consciousness Our Own?

Author: freedompoint

Description: Welcome back! Today I am doing a bit of a deep dive into the idea of our consciousness. Is our consciousness actually ours. Is it something that we possess or is it something that is outside of ourselves and we just become aware of it.

Yesterday, I was doing some great deep diving. I am currently working through the sixth step of a spiritual awakening (atleast the list that I have) and I am diving into some things in my life and trying to sort it all out. I usually listening to some sort of 432 Hz or 528 Hz music because our house is a bit loud. I definitely helps though.

I was having a moment when I started to pray and cry out to YHWH and I started to imagine looking up toward the sky and then beyond, but then I pulled it back and went inside myself, like I was looking behind my eyes. It was then that I had a weird feeling and realization. It was like I could see myself, well, atleast the facebook avatar of myself haha. I then saw that avatar have an out of body experience. It was kind of like watching the movie Doctor Strange.

It took a split second to think about the very dimension of God. The idea that we might think that God is in a physical place that is a measurable distance away. Almost like we would want to measure a line from here and then to the outer most depths of the universe. As if we can measure how close we are to God.

By seeing that experience I felt the depth of the idea that God is inside of us, and it is a whole different plane or realm. That lead to a great conversation with Stacie D (@freedomtowrite) about the idea of consciousness. When we say that we are all growing or working toward being more conscious about our lives and who we are, and how we get on with the world around us. It made me think though, is our "mind", our consciousness, is it ours to possess?

Is it possible that there is a high consciousness and it is outside of our understanding, and it is only when we tap into it that we feel like we are more aware of "who we are". Is it only when we connect to it that we feel more connected to the world around us.

So the way I see this is from a universal perspective. If I see this as a process that comes through prayer and meditation. It is through the teachings of Jesus that I find that I am able to connect to this outside energy. You know what I'm talking about. When you get a feeling that is beyond yourself and you feel like God is filling you with the Holy Spirit. That is clearly not from where did it come from.

Maybe you found this feeling while quietly sitting on a mountaintop, or dancing around a fire. Maybe you found this feeling while drumming in a circle. I'm not tearing apart the how, but talking more about the what.

Is it possible that the consciousness is ours on loan? Maybe when we came into this world because of the Source, the consciousness was given to us, but when we die we return it?

Is it possible that we were connected to the Source both before and after this existence, and while we are here we get to experience this "life". That would be beautiful. Then while we are here we could also connect to the consciousness, and it could ease the experience.

Let's be honest. Sometimes this experience is difficult. We go through alot on our human journey. It is always fun to think outside of the box as we are all forging our reality in what we perceive to be "forward".

Be well.
~The Yeti

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