Can You Live With Who You Will Become

Author: freedompoint

Description: Another beautiful morning with you on the porch. I am out on the deck today thinking about who we might become. It all started with a conversation with Stacie D about who we might become after we make a decision. In her case, it was a bigger decision. We were actually talking about concealed carry, and if she ever shot someone could she live with who she would become after that.

Not every decision is that heavy. Most are smaller and we don't even notice that we are making them. On the other side of each decision, no matter how small, is a different version of ourselves.

We make decisions by utilizing the information that we have taken it, and more importantly our guts. Each decision changes who we are, even if it is just a small micro change. Even small changes could look like big changes over the course of a long time.

There is something that we say around here, and it is that we are a different person after 7 years. Like the legal term statute of limitations, we believe that people are like that as well. That every 7 years we have a different personality. Not extreme, but we are different people that we used to be. I would say that is from many decisions over a long period of time.

So today I am talking about actively thinking about the decisions we make and how we would be on the other side, but should we? The other side of this coin would be should we actually try to pay that close attention to the decisions and the changes. Should we trust our guts and just take the ride? Maybe.

Even if we aren't actually thinking about the outcome of each decision, maybe it is still important that we think about the impact that each one has on us. Maybe knowing that we are going to be changed after a decision will lead us to making ones that turn out the most beneficial...

Thanks again for joining me, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Be well
~The Yeti

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